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Share The Newest And Most Compehensive Facebook Ad Audit And Reporting Platform With Your Audience Today. They'll Love It. Guaranteed. 

Digital marketing agencies are using FunnelDash to audit prospective clients' accounts and run client campaigns. Business owners love how easy it is to get a quick snapshot of their campaigns so they know which ones to scale and when. We're sure your audience will love it too.

With FunnelDash, your audience members can:

  • Integrate FunnelDash with their Facebook Ads Manager accounts.
  • Customize dashboards with the metrics they want to measure.
  • Parse the metrics from their Facebook ads account quickly, so they can adjust their campaigns according to real data.
  • Monitor the progress of their campaigns.
  • Scale their successful campaigns to bring in double, or triple, the number of leads or sales.
Weekly Overview Dashboard

How Our Customers are Crushing It with FunnelDash

Facebook Ads Agencies are growing their customer bases by offering a free audit, then using their prospective customers' data to make recommendations to improve that prospective customer's campaigns.  

They're signing monthly retainer agreements for anywhere from $2,000 - $5,000 a month, right off the bat!

Business Owners can see a quick overview of their current campaigns on a daily, or weekly basis. Then they can delve deeper into their data to tweak the effectiveness of their campaigns, and profitably scale them to increase their ROI.

Paid Media Managers use the FunnelDash dashboards to analyze their data and make suggestions for changes and tests. 

FunnelDash lets them do this quickly, instead of spending hours per campaign, sorting it all out into spreadsheets and pivot tables. 

Internal Marketing and Sales Departments share information easily between them, so they can make effective decisions on how to deploy their resources and grow their companies.

Commission Potential and Affiliate Resources


You will receive a 20% recurring commission for the subscription life of every customer you convert.  

 Swipe Copy

We will provide you with easy-to-customize emails and social media copy to promote FunnelDash programs to your audience.

Multiple Programs 

We have several progams you can promote to your audience, so you will have multiple opportunities to convert new customers.

30-Day Cookie 

You will receive a commission for any customer who purchases within a 30-day window of clicking on your affiliate link.

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30-Day Free Trial – Price $99 (Home Page)

Your audience members get a free, 30-day trial of FunnelDash Basic, which includes:

  • Facebook Ads Manager Integration
  • All 6 brand-new Facebook dashboards
  • Dashboard customization
  • One-click PDF export of Dashboard views
  • Customer Suppport

High-Ticket Client Acquisition Tool Kit – Price $97 (VSL Landing Page)

The same tools we use at FunnelDash every day to get high-paying clients for our Facebook ads agency, including:

  • My Ultimate Consultation Call Script: worth $497
  • My 3 Step “Audit Funnel” To Get Appointments: worth $497
  • Lifetime access to Facebook Ads Training FB Group: 
  • My 6 Figure Proposal & Contract Templates: worth $4,000
  • My ‘Client ROI’ Calculator: worth $297
  • Automated Facebook Ads Audit Software With The A Free 30-Day Trial of FunnelDash: worth $99  

Value: $7,390

The Facebook Ad Manager Manual

The Facebook Ad Manager Manual: Your Step By Step Guide To Building A 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency – Price $297 (VSL Landing Page)

The exact SOPs we use at FunnelDash to run successful Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. This program includes:

  • The entire 5-module program with video, audio, transcripts and slides – Worth $2,997
  • The 5 Custom FunnelDash Facebook Reporting Dashboards, created just for this program – Worth $1,000
  • The FunnelDash Autotagger to set up your Facebook ads for easy tracking – Worth $97
  • 6 Core Data-Driven Funnel templates you can drop into a variety of systems – Worth $1,997
  • Bonus Program: Freelancer to Business Owner – Worth $97
  • Bonus Program: Proving Your Value & Getting Paid What You’re Worth – Worth $97
  • Bonus Resource: Facebook Ad Copy Techniques and Email Templates – Worth $97
  • The 90-Day free trial of FunnelDash Basic – Worth $297  

Value: $6,679 

Evergreen Webinar + 30-Day Free Trial – Price $997

We walk your audience through increasing sales with FunnelDash and offer an impressive list of bonuses, including:

  • 12 Months Access To FunnelDash Basic (worth $1,118)
  • 6 Proven "Ready To Launch" Core Funnel Templates: (worth: $4,997) 
  • FunnelDash Academy: 16 Videos On The 3 Step Process To Funnel Optimization (worth: $997)
  • Paid Traffic Academy Course (worth: $497)
  • High Performance Webinar Course (worth: $497)
  • 1:1 Funnel Metrics Audit (worth: $997)
  • 1:1 Funnel Optimization Assessment (worth: $997)
  • An EXTRA FunnelDash Basic Annual account. (worth: $1,118)  

Value: $11,218 

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  • Host a Facebook Live with Zach in your User Group
  • Share our blog posts
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Tim Paige

Tim Paige: Legendary webinar pitch man, who typically brings in $53 in revenue, per attendee, on a webinar. That's the highest revenue per attendee in the industry.

For those Affiliate Partners who can get 1000 or more people to register for a webinar, you will get to co-host your webinar with legendary SaaS pitch-man and webinar host, Tim Paige.

We're incredibly excited to have Tim Paige as our FunnelDash Facebook Marketing Educator (or as we call him internally, our Webinar Superhero).

We're also thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to work with him to increase your affiliate commissions. 

Tim has hosted more than 1000 webinars, and grossed nearly $10 million from those webinars. His average conversion is 30%. 

Tim is one of the best trainers in the industry and an expert salesman. He knows how to deliver a message that turns attendees into customers, and puts affiliate commission money in your pocket.

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Who is Co-Hosting Dedicated Webinars with Tim Paige? 

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